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dream homes...

designed around
your lifestyle

our proven methodology guides you through the process of designing a dream home that is built around your lifestyle

built on time
and on budget

we partner with Align accredited builders to ensure your dream home is planned and built on time and on budget

making the world better
one home at a time

our mission is to build carbon positive homes, and for every home we design and build, 650 trees are planted

align for good...

three ways things go wrong when
building your dream home

and how to overcome them
quality control

In most builds, the devil is in the detail. Vague and imprecise plans force builders to make decisions on site that can take the design far off track.

The Aligned HomeTM process uses the BuildPrint – which details each and every variable and takes out all the surprises.

runaway costs

Custom-designed building projects are notorious for running over time and over budget.

Our 'Builder-Architect Model' allows for all costs from the start, so we can provide an accurate project budget. This enables our builders to provide a fixed-price construction quote – with a guarantee of no cost blowouts.

design overwhelm

Designing a home is a project with 1001 moving parts. Each decision unpacks more complexity.

Our design team will guide you through our three stage design process, using our six element method. Your architect, interior designer and builder will work with you on all decisions from start to finish.

custom design, clarity
and communication

how we design your forever home

Align guides you through the architecture of your dream home with our signature Six Elements of a Dream HomeTM methodology to capture your needs in all aspects of your life.

Our architect, interior designer and builder then work with you on the BuildPrint to pin down every detail. This allows us to accurately cost and schedule the project from the start.

Align-accredited builders are chosen for their professionalism, quality workmanship and commitment to sustainability. They will deliver your home on time and on budget – guaranteed.

ask the questions that your
home needs to answer

designed sanctuaries

from concept to completion

Align believes that good design should be good for people and good for the planet and our mission is to accelerate the move towards carbon positive homes.

Align designs homes that are built for your family's health and happiness. And for every home we design and build, we are dedicated to planting 650 trees.

This is the Tree+House Project and this is a part of our commitment to making the world a better place, one home at a time.

We believe in a future that is
built to grow.

For every dream home
designed with Align,

150 trees are planted.

For every dream home built with
an Align registered builder,

500 trees are planted.

built projects

where dream designs become reality

9543 trees planted

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our mission is to plant 1 million trees by 2030

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