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What's possible and what's not? Comprehensive pre-build feasibility of your design and construction costs.

stage one

A holistic assessment of your needs based on the Six Elements methodology and presentation of
a concept design.

stage two

Selection of interiors, fittings and fixtures, plus development approval and compliance reports.

stage three

Completion of the BuildPrint, a comprehensive plan that enables a fixed-price construction contract.

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how much will it cost?

The first question most people have
about building their custom dream home is, how much will it cost?

We answer this question in our Aligned HomeTM project possibilities sessions. The first step is a FREE introductory phone call, where we conduct a half-hour assessment of your project and plans, as well as discussing your goals for the project.

After the introductory call, the next step is a project possibility session with a builder and architect. There are two levels of service, depending on whether or not you have selected your land. Both options include a detailed Pre-Build Feasibility of design costs, consultant costs, external and site costs, square metre rates and we will estimate the cost of your home construction.

If you have purchased land, or would like pre-purchase advice, we visit the site and do a site-specific audit for buildability.

design stage one: briefing + concept design

capturing the details of your personal dream

Using our signature Six Elements of a Dream HomeTM methodology our architect and your builder listen deeply to your design needs and budget, drawing on any images, mood boards or ideas you have gathered.

Your team will collaborate with you to complete a detailed briefing including a comprehensive site survey. You will be presented with a concept design, 3D-walkthrough and cost estimate for your approval

the six elements of dream homeTM design

our comprehensive evaluation tool

To design your dream home, our team must first gain a deep understanding of your needs, values, lifestyle, aesthetic taste and the specifics of your building site. At Align, we conduct a thorough evaluation of your requirements in six areas: Purpose, Landscape, Function, Health, Feeling and Technology.

You may need distraction-free space to focus on work, or tranquil space to disconnect from technology. You may need a place to make art or play music, areas to welcome guests, or safe spaces for children to play. You may have allergies to certain materials or a tricky site with access issues, or you may want to catch the winter sun, as well as the best view.

At Align, we conduct a thorough evaluation of your requirements in six areas:


Why are you building, where
will you build, and how will the design fulfill your specific


How do you envisage your
home interacting with the
site, locality and climate?


How can your floor plan be laid out to ensure daily activities are efficient, productive and user-friendly?


How will your home support your physical, psychological and emotional wellbeing?


How can your home reflect your taste, style and aesthetic and create different atmospheres and moods?


How will your home use the latest building technology and smart design for sustainability and comfort?

design stage two: design development + interior design

selecting interiors and completing development approvals

In the second stage you'll work with our interior designer on selections like the colour palette, lighting design, cabinetry layouts, tiling, appliances, flooring, and kitchen and bathroom fittings, fixtures and finishes.

We present you with 3D interior views and selections for your approval.

During this phase we also handle your Development Approval, including any required site-specific reports, such as a soil and site report, wastewater design and bushfire report.

design stage three: construction documentation

finalising plans for a fixed-price construction contract

In this phase we develop the BuildPrint: the central source of truth for your design. We liaise with contractors, building suppliers and engineers to submit your application for building approval and work with the builder to develop a construction-cost estimate.

We then hand over to your builder who will use the BuildPrint to provide a fixed-price contract to build your dream home.

the buildprint

buildprint /bildprint/


1. A detailed house plan outlining all design decisions, that is fully costed and forms the central source of truth for the construction team

If you've done your research, you'll know it is extremely rare for a custom-designed home to be built on budget.

How do we do it? We work with builders to provide a fully resolved set of plans we call the BuildPrint.

This comprehensive document sets out every design decision and material selection, long before the slab is poured. It acts as a central source of truth, eliminating all miscommunications, assumptions and last-minute decisions. It ensures that architects, builders and contractors all understand your vision and can provide accurate quotes.

at the end of stage three you will have

  • holistic analysis of
    your personal design

  • site-specific architecture
    proposal, with

  • interiors proposal for
    colour palette, lighting,
    fittings and finishes

  • development approvals,
    external reports and
    compliance requirements

  • project liaison with
    contractors, building
    suppliers and engineers

  • buildprint, enabling a
    fixed-price contract

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