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“everything starts
with design” – luke davies

the story behind align’s game
changing system

Luke Davies began as a builder. His company, Davies Design & Construction, has been building unique homes of outstanding quality with a commitment to sustainable building practices since 2009.

Luke began winning building quality awards in 2012, first in Tasmania and then nationally, but something was missing.

He could build to exceptional quality standards but he had no control over the calibre of the design, or how it complemented the site or the needs of the owners. He was also working with plans developed long before he came onto a project as the builder. Often they lacked detail and contained inaccuracies and impractical features. Filling in the gaps caused delays, cost blow-outs and wasteful changes, which frequently had a high environmental impact.

Luke knew that the only way to improve this process was for the builder and the designer to work closely together from the start. In 2014 he begin to work with clients to design homes as well as build them. Luke founded Align with a 'Builder-Architect' model, working with sustainability-focused builders to deliver low-impact, customised homes with accurate costings and scheduling. It allows Luke to build the homes he loves, promoting better health for his clients, and for the planet.

our values

be bold
See it. Be it. Do it.

Be brave, be curious, defy the ordinary, push harder, think outside the box. We encourage our clients to dream big, like we do, because we just might be able to make it happen.

build the future
Value. Quality. Culture.

A high standard of quality is not just about looking beautiful, it's a crucial component in environmental sustainability. We build to last and we build for the planet.

align for good
People. Purpose. Planet.

We seek out like-minded people whose values align with our own, including both clients and builders. We believe in business for good, and contributing to a more sustainable building industry.

meet luke

the story of the align founder

Align's founder, Luke Davies, is an award-winning builder, the founder of Davies Design & Construction and the author of a forthcoming book on the Six Elements of a Dream HomeTM, to be published in 2021.

From securing Master Builders' of Tasmania, Young Builder of the Year in 2016 and his first Australian Home of the Year award in the same year, Luke's trajectory in the building industry has been exceptional. His company is the two-time recipient of the prestigious Master Builder Award and has twice won the HIA Tasmanian Home of the Year for building some of the most remarkable homes in Australia.

'not many architecture companies are founded by a builder, that's what keeps align grounded in reality, and makes us so unique.' – luke davies


  • 2020
  • 2018
  • 2016
  • 2015
  • 2012
  • 2020 Master Builders Tasmania

    Renovation/fit-out under $1m

    2020 Master Builders Tasmania

    Dwelling construction $1m - $2m

    2020 master builders tasmania

    Dwelling construction $300,000 - $500,000

    2020 HIA Winner, Tasmania

    Bathroom of the year

    2020 HIA Winner, Tasmania

    Custom built home

    2020 HIA Winner, Tasmania

    Custom built home ($500,001 - $750,000)

    2020 HIA Winner, Tasmania

    Custom built home (up to $1,000,000)

    2020 HIA Winner, Tasmania

    Custom built home (over $500,000)

    2020 HIA Winner, Tasmania

    GreenSmart sustainable home

    2020 HIA Winner, Tasmania

    Home of the year

    2020 HIA Winner, Tasmania

    Kitchen design

    2020 HIA Winner, Tasmania

    Kitchen of the year

    2020 HIA Winner, Tasmania

    New kitchen (over $30,001)

    2020 HIA Winner, Tasmania

    New kitchen (up to $30,000)

    2020 HIA Winner, Tasmania

    New bathroom (over $20,001)

    2020 HIA Winner, Tasmania

    New bathroom (up to $20,000)

  • 2018 Master Builders Tasmania

    Residential Builder of the Year

    2018 Master Builders Tasmania

    Best home $200,000-$350,000

    2018 Master Builders Tasmania

    Best home over $1,000,000

    2018 National Master Builder

    Best home $200,000-$350,000

    2018 HIA

    Winner of Tasmania home of the year

    2018 HIA

    Winner of Custom built home of the year

    2018 HIA

    Winner of Custom built home up to $500,000

    2018 HIA

    Winner of Custom built home over $800,001

    2018 Australian Construction Awards

    Finalist in Technological Innovation of the year

  • 2016 Master Builders Tasmania

    Best home $350,000-$500,000

    2016 Master Builders Tasmania

    Young builder of the year

    2016 National Master Builder

    Best home $350,000-$500,000

  • 2015 Master Builders Tasmania

    Best home $200,000-$350,000

    2015 Master Builders Tasmania

    Finalist new home $350,000-$500,000

  • 2012 Master Builder Tasmania

    Highly commended new dwelling $500,000-$750,000

    2012 Master Builder Tasmania

    Best kitchen

meet the team

passionate about collaborative design

mitch emery

CEO + director

With over 16 years experience in the building industry, including 11 years of operating his company, Mitch has introduced streamlined operational and financial systems to multiple businesses.

janenna davies


Janenna is a highly experienced administrator, who works collaboratively with builders, estimators, architects and sub-trade contractors to keep administration and payments in order.

michael loubser

principal architect

Michael is the principal architect of Align. His experience spans from high end residential to commercial architecture, with recognition in the form of a national Master Builder Award for his design of the Blackwood House.

sarah den hartog

graduate of architecture

With a Masters Degree in Architecture, Sarah brings her extensive knowledge of software asset creation and applied detailed documentation to the design process to create time-saving workflows.

jodie freeman

interior designer

Jodie has worked in residential design for over 13 years, including on national award-winning projects. She works closely with builders, carpenters and sub trades to create integrated designs.

sarah wimmer


Sarah has a background in design, having worked overseas as a web designer before completing her Bachelor of Applied Science (Architectural Science) in 2020. Sarah has a keen eye for detail with skills in both design and documentation.

jeremy millington


Jeremy has spent the last 10 years in the design industry since completing his Masters of Architecture, with a significant proportion being involved heavily with passive design and sustainable construction principals. Primarily focusing on residential projects, he also has experience in commercial and industrial structures, but prefers the personal-touch.

luke davies

founder + future builder

Align Founder Luke Davies is an award-winning builder and the founder of Davies Design & Construction. His book outlining the Six Elements of a Dream HomeTM will be published in 2021.

We are built with purpose, built for change and built to grow.

We are conscious designers.

We are the process and the plan.

We are believers in the build and in the joy of building a home.

We are not trendy, we are not ordinary.

We are not staid or stationary.

What we create is timeless and on time.

We are for the home dreamers and the home builders, we are natural and we are on a carbon neutral trajectory.

We are the future builders.

We are the community where functionality and design Align.

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our values

be bold
build the future
align for good

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