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Below is a listing of current available jobs. We are always on the hunt for builders, designers and architects who share our vision in creating dream homes that improve the health of our planet.

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one million trees by 2030

united by our mission to improve the health of our planet

At Align, we’re working towards building 100% carbon-neutral homes. We recognise that the construction sector is a major contributor to human CO2 emissions – 39% of global emission, according to the UN Environment Program.

We at Align offset our carbon emissions for every project through our partnership with the TreeProject, and we’re aiming for one million trees by 2030. For every home we design and build, we plant 650 trees. We are also part of the Pledge 1% movement to support nonprofits in the community.

1 home designed =150 trees

1 home built =500 trees

1 build/design referral =50 trees planted

1 person attending workshop =5 trees planted

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