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sustainable house design: building a healthier future through your home

Imagine building your dream home – the one you’ve meticulously planned down to the smallest details. It fulfils all your desires for comfort and style and resonates with your ethos of sustainability.

How to calculate the square-metre rate to build your home

A one-size-fits-all square-metre rate is a very blunt tool for estimating the cost to build a house. Our 4-step method gets granular by calculating all the hidden and variable costs.

How much does it really cost to build a house?

When building a custom home, many people only budget for construction costs (based on a square-metre rate). But you also need to consider design, consultants and site and external costs.

Where do you start with building a custom home?

A pre-build feasibility is the place to start when building a custom home. This calculates the cost to prepare your land, as well as the cost of design and construction.

Why design your own home?

Living in a home that matches your lifestyle, values and aspirations is a powerful way to build a more successful, creative, balanced, inspiring, healthy and happy life.

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