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a simple, eight-minute quiz with easy yes/no questions on the six elements of a dream home

free personalised report to help you plan your dream home

Your free evaluation report benchmarks your current home using our Six Elements design methodology.

It captures design needs that many people haven't considered, so you can ensure every aspect of your life is reflected in your future home.

align's six elements of a dream homeTM methodology


Why are you building, where
will you build, and how will the design fulfill your specific


How do you envisage your
home interacting with the
site, locality and climate?


How can your floor plan be laid out to ensure daily activities are efficient, productive and user-friendly?


How will your home support your physical, psychological and emotional wellbeing?


How can your home reflect your taste, style and aesthetic and create different atmospheres and moods?


How will your home use the latest building technology and smart design for sustainability and comfort?

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At Align, our architects use the eight-minute Dream Home Evaluation Tool as the first step in gaining an understanding of our clients’ needs.

We’ve made it available to you here, for free to help direct your home-design thinking.

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    lucy everette

    "I had not considered things like how my peace of mind would be affected
    by my home design, Luke opened my eyes to new ideas."

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    James Bradley

    "This is a really useful exercise. There are so many aspects of home design that I hadn’t even thought about."

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    Shaari Covan

    "Our home didn’t score as well as I expected! I can see there are many ways that our design could be improved."

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    Daniel Smythe

    "I really hadn’t thought about things like how my home affects my habits. A great tool."

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