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a team approach

from the first design meeting, your builder is on the journey with you

The biggest source of aggravation, errors and budget blowouts on any building site is miscommunication between the architect and the builder.

At Align, our builders join the project at the same time as the architect, rather than coming onto the project after the plans are made. They work alongside you and the architect through the design process to create the BuildPrint, and gain a deep understanding of your ideas, priorities and requirements long before the slab is poured.

You can, of course, choose to use a builder of your choice. But if you trust your home to an Align-accredited builder you can be sure of exceptional craftsmanship, a smooth construction experience, and a fixed-price building contract – guaranteed.

align accreditation

fixed-price contracts, exceptional craftmanship and industry-beating warranties

align accreditation

fixed-price contracts, exceptional craftmanship and industry-beating warranties

Align-accredited builders are independent building professionals that have completed the Align accreditation process. Candidates must meet safety, customer experience, quality control and financial security requirements.

Once accredited, our builders are required to offer a number of guarantees, including a guaranteed fixed-price building contract and a fixed delivery schedule. In fact our builders will pay you $100 for each day the project goes beyond its completion date.

They must meet quality assurance standards, provide weekly client communication, use transparent pricing and offer a 10-year structural warranty (the industry standard is seven years) and a 12-month defect liability period (the industry standard is six months).

6 align-accredited builder partner guarantees:

  • fixed price contract

  • fixed deadline

  • 10-year structural warranty

  • 12-month defect warranty

  • transparent pricing

  • weekly communication

  • "The build was smooth, fast, organised and communication was excellent. We still can’t believe how stress free the construction phase was for us."

    – Jessica Richmond, The Barn House

  • "[The team] absorbed our passion for the design aesthetic, and consulted with us almost every day on each last detail as the build progressed."

    – Pearl Blandford, The Wool Rooms

  • "The people that we dealt with were very competent and responsive, builder and architect were
    happy to build bespoke designs, quality of workmanship and finish was first class."

    – Garry Woodgate, Geminus One

  • "Our experience was very positive and we're so satisfied with our house! It's fabulous."

    – Ted Schneider

  • "We didn't want a standard build; we wanted it to stand out in the crowd of ho-hum builds."

    – Michael Francis, Millhaven


align-accredited builders

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building for a better world

our carbon-positive construction goal

Align and our Align-accredited builders are committed to sustainable, low-impact construction. We believe in building for the future of our precious planet and we design and build with sustainable, low-impact, locally sourced, recycled and long-lasting materials and methods wherever possible.

Through our Tree+House Project we are working toward our goal of building 100% carbon-positive homes. For every home designed and built with Align, we plant 650 trees to offset the carbon emissions associated with construction. We aim to plant one million trees by 2030.

1 home designed =150 trees

1 home built =500 trees

1 build/design referral =50 trees planted

1 person attending workshop =5 trees planted

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