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the wool rooms

a family homestead combining history with modern technology

“the sky turns pink as we enjoy sunsets in our family room each afternoon.”

– ross & pearl, the wool rooms

Ross and Pearl are true collectors with a passion for preserving history. For over a decade they had been collecting stunning vintage pieces, including a century-old wooden bench, antique sinks and reclaimed doors that showcase the craftsmanship of the past.

They considered renovating a heritage home, but having lived in one before, they knew how cold and draughty they could be. With a baby on the way, they decided to design their dream home to pay homage to the past, while incorporating the best of modern, sustainable building technology. The result: a warm and comfortable home for their growing family.

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2020 HIA winner, tasmania

new bathroom
(up to $20,000)

2020 HIA winner, tasmania

custom built home
$500,001 – $750,000

2020 HIA winner, tasmania


2020 HIA winner, tasmania

new kitchen
(up to $30,000)

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