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geminus one

a ‘his and hers’ home marrying creativity and function

“this really was one of the best collaborative processes I have been involved in - from the design, to the interior to the build - every step of the way we were all involved and invested in our home.”

– gary and gail, geminus one

Gail and Gary were living in Sydney, but planning to make a lifestyle change to Tassie in their retirement years. They wanted a home that truly expressed their artistic personalities – something bold that made an impact on the street. The trouble was, they had quite different personalities! Gail is an extrovert who loves to cook and entertain, while Gary is a more reserved person who expresses himself through music.  

The elegant solution developed by Richard Hall is Geminus One, two pavilions for two personalities. The pavilions were quickly dubbed the Light Side and the Dark Side, and joined together they make a harmonious home.

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